Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cowering leads to buried treasure

I love this.

On the topic of blog rhetoric (real post on that to come):

To escape the matriarch downstairs who terrorizes me as only a bossy 5' grandma can do, I ended up cruising the words of Alchemy Anyone. Glorying in the polished prose of his posts brought me up sharp, made me remember to value the words I put in a post, on a page, in my mouth. It made me remember that writing is an evocative, inspiring, illuminating art. It made me ashamed to call myself a wordsmith. (grin). Whilst hiding from your family (oh don't even tell me you're not--I KNOW you are. I SEE those shifty eyes! Why did you bring your laptop in the closet, hrrm?), I highly suggest you go read some of slaghammer's sometimes poignant, sometimes irreverent, but always exquisitely penned postings. (man, I alliterated the hell out of that one. I can now die grossly self-indulgent. whew).

Also, I just saw Colin waiting at a red light at the intersection of Brace Road and North Main in the WH. Stalkers who lust after the make & model of the McEnroe mobile, apply within. We might be able to arrange a swap--acceptable forms of payment include chocolate covered pretzels, red wine, gym memberships and pretty scarves.


joeydee said...

I always thought Colin rode around on a white horse.

slothsinabox said...

I heard it was a Dapple Grey.

And then I saw the Subaru, and all my dreams were shattered.